How to discover classical music in a brand new way ?

Projet de diplôme

In the Heart of Classical Music is an interactive experience to discover classical music.

How to promote exchange and hospitality?

Client : CouchSurfing

Team : German Texier

CouchSurfing helps you to find a couch to sleep on. More than a free hotel, Couchsurfing is about sharing a place, a moment, a culture… It is a couch where all cultures can be found, where time is as precious as it is short.

Our proposal is to create an advertisement that serves as a strong identity for the brand.

How to draw youngsters’ attention to the danger of smoking ?

Client : CNCT

Using the way they see themselves : the selfie #selfdie and invade social networks ( youtube, tumblr, snapchat ).

How to change the habits of rail users ?

Client : BlaBlaCar

Team : German Texier

A down-to-earth ad that shows the pleasures we miss if we take the train.

Redesigning a streaming & music discovery app

Client : Louise

Louise is a young promising young app: it goes beyond the usual music app by proposing to follow an user’s stream. But its user interface is not well-thought-out. I wanted a design that pushes users out of their comfort zone.

Transform a Bagelshop into a whole new place

Client : Homy's

Homy's is a small Bagelshop in the center of Nantes. The place has a loyal customer base but barely increase its attendance. My proposal: Bringing customers at the afternoon by offering a digital experience inside the shop. SomewhereAt is a sound and visual playlist that invites you to escape somewhere else. Select your atmosphere and your time slot on Homy’s website and invite your friends to enjoy it.

How the promote flacon of wine in one concept page

Client : 10-vins

10-vins sells bottles of 10cl of wine.

Our task was to promote this new wine concept in a web page. Rather than promote the bottle (which frightens the consumer), I focused communication on food and wine.

How to promote ECV school and convince teenagers

Client : ECV

Team : Master 1

Choosing a college is the first major choice of your life plan. We met a lot of undecided students: who do not dare to study visual arts.

Our answer: Narrating the life of Pierralexandre, who uses his chronic indecisiveness in order to be creative.

Role: Research of the concept, script writing, editing assistant, packshot.